I really hope for those who are praying for south korea are being serious. I really hope you guys aren’t just praying for South Korea because it’s Korea and that’s where your precious oppas are from. I really hope you aren’t praying for South Korea because that’s where Kpop is from. I’m sick of seeing the PrayForSouthKorea tag and just see a bunch of Kpop everywhere to start discussions and mention nothing about the ferrys. It is a sad tragedy, but what about other countries out there that are suffering? What about people from other countries who are starving? Living in war? All these tragedies happen daily, and no one seems to give out prayers to them. So if you’re really praying for South Korea, please be honest, and please be serious, also, think about the world too, and how so many people in this world are suffering and dying too.

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…i am…kinda beyond pissed right now…so i applied for a job and did the interview…and then never heard back from them…BUT APPARENTLY THEY HAD CALLED ME 10 DAYS BACK AND LEFT A MESSAGE WITH A MAN!!!!…maybe it was the wrong number…or maybe it was my dad…and yes i had exams…BUT HE COULD HAVE TOLD ME!!!!good thing i called today CUZ THEY HAVE ORIENTATION!!!!…and its at 3:30…to 7…ARGLKAJRELAKRJALRKEJAR!!!!


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…i just got back my accounting mark…and i got an a…and i feel like crying…cuz holy holyness i was not expecting that at all!!!!…how in the hells world did i get an a????i was so sure i failed that exam…i forgot how to do a cash flow statement and i didnt even finish the case!!!!…is this weird????i mean i should be overjoyed…but im like shocked beyond belief…


You know when you first see Kai, you see this sexy guy who really knows how to dance and he seem so cold and mysterious. But in reality he’s really this shy and dorky idiot named Jongin who dresses up his dogs, and calls them ‘my children’.

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the day huang zitao lost all his shit

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Bangtan reached 300,000 followers on their twitter!

Bangtan reached 300,000 followers on their twitter!

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one page down!!!!and countless more to go…

396/400 mama era pics
396/400 mama era pics

took out my thermometer to check what normal body temp is…and just realized that woah…my fevers have been on the bad side!!!!…100 degrees is no joke…and most of mine have been closer to the 101 end…

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